You’re a Big Boy now, so here is All The Sex


Word on the street is you’ve become a big boy. You’ve grown out of your tiny lad panties and now you’re a big man who wears big man briefs. Yowzah!

If there’s one thing we ladies love, it’s a big boy, and that is what you are now. So, prepare your grown-up dick because we’re about to give you all the sex. That’s right. You heard me correctly with those beefcake ears, you barely legal Adonis. Just by virtue of being a man you have earned all the sex.

We have so much sex to give you. All different kinds of sex: blonde sex, tall sex, short sex, backwards sex, the list goes on. You won’t know what to do with all of the sex we are about to put on your big boy plate. But that’s okay, you’re a big boy now, so get your sex cutlery and dig in.

I know what you’re thinking, there must be some sort of catch. You must have to treat us nice and understand our tricky emotions, right?

Wrong! All we want to do is give you the sex you deserve. No feelings, no strings attached, just grown-up big boy ugly bumping. You are literally, legally entitled to all of the sex. So, put on your fancy shirt, stretch out that penis and get ready to go!

Written by Women