Why, When, How?  Dress to Impress at Opening Ball 2018

You’ve spent your way through Freshers’ Week and as an easily victimized young first year enjoying the newfound freedom of a student loan, you’ve spied yet another event on Facebook to which John Jones, Elspeth Finch and 362 other friends have expressed an interest in. That’s right, hosted by Kate Kennedy herself, it’s Opening Ball. To help you get a flavour of the event, we’ve compiled some top tips for how to dress to impress.


Lengthy calf dresses

Black and white monograms of baby cows are particularly on trend, although if you want to guarantee you don’t get lost in the crowd then pictures of calves from clip art won’t go amiss either. These dresses can also remain ethical and vegan friendly if made of hemp or recycled polyethylene terephthalate, whilst still supporting and encouraging interaction with the cow community. And if you want to put a Scottish spin on things, why not opt for a highland coo design instead?

Moderate volume prints

Although making a statement is important, no-one wants to go embarrassing themselves at the first major social occasion of the year. Although cheery, the dub step of polka dots and heavy metal blaring from stripes could clash with the live orchestra accompanying the evening’s ball dancing. It is also advisable that clothing with leopard print is turned down to a minimum to ensure all those in attendance have a roaring good time.

Layers of neck lace

To ensure you don’t contract a second bout of freshers’ flu, take care to wrap up warm throughout the night. The best way to do this whilst still looking on trend is to take multiple pieces of lace and wrap them round your neck. This look can work particularly well in contrast to the reddish-purple of fading hickeys.


Perhaps not what you would initially think of donning to a black tie event, but who says girls can’t wear the trousers? So show off your support for women in STEM industries and pull on your skydiving kit (boiler suits equally acceptable). If you want to really make a statement, why not just leave the parachute attached and release it for dramatic effect at the end of the evening?


And of course, let’s not forget about the inventive ideas we have for the guys! Personally, it always impresses me when guys wear the exact same fabrics, accessories, tartans and shoes as the previous two years. What with the advent of vintage sales and online shopping, it really is difficult to find jazzed up alternatives of such pieces of attire anyway.

Therefore freshers and third years who’ve failed to adopt alike, get ready to step into the magical, illustrious, pompous and conceited world of the KK Opening Ball. Save the date and can’t wait to see you all on October 6th!

Written by Daphne Armstrong