Top 6 Dinner Date Ideas that are The Rule

We know it’s hard being in a long-term relationship and maintaining any sense of imagination. By now you're probably wondering "how the hell am I going to keep this thing interesting?" Don’t worry; we've got you covered. Here's our list of the best places in St. Andrews for you and your bae to end up getting food at The Rule.

Image from Trip Advisor.

Image from Trip Advisor.

1.       Blackhorn

You’ve been a couple for a few months now, and you’re settling into your cute little routines. Maybe Tuesday is the night you go out to eat, and this time you’re feeling burgers. Blackhorn is, of course, the classic choice in for delicious burgers and fries in St. Andrews. Feel like washing all of that down with a cold beer? No problem. Leave Blackhorn immediately and head on over to The Rule, which has a decent selection of beers and a pretty OK burger as well.  

2.       The Adamson

It’s your first anniversary. You just got paid and you’re looking to blow it all in a fancy place you have no business being even close to. You know it - it has to be The Adamson! Turn up in your least beer-stained shirt, nervously total up your projected costs, stare regretfully out the window as the waiter leaves for free table water and - hey! Isn’t that The Rule over there, across the road? You bet it is! With acceptable food at prices, The Rule is the perfect place to spend any evening as a couple at The Adamson. 

3.       St. Andrews Waffle Co.

It’s late Saturday morning. When was the last time you guys went for brunch, or had any kind of noteworthy interaction with each other? Well, today's the day things are gonna turn around. Set your stomach up for the most sinful sweet and savoury waffles you can imagine. Then once you've done that, head off to The Rule instead and begin drinking at 11:00am. The Rule, as well as being a great place to think about waffles, is an excellent place to pick up a student discount card. Top Tip: forget it at home every single time. 

4.       Tailend

What could be better than taking some good old fashioned fish and chips down to the beach one evening to gaze out at the sunset and remember how you both began this crazy journey together?

Maybe The Rule again. Who knows? Give it a try... 

5.       Staying at home

Who even needs to go outside?! You’re adults now, you can cook a romantic meal for yourselves without human contact. Order in that Everyday Value wine, it's time for some of the best instant noodles 20p can buy. Once you get rid of these many, many dishes of course.

 Although, actually: you know where doesn’t have dishes…? 

6.       The Rule

You’re two years deep into a mutual anxiety exchange, and have exhausted all of your partner’s dialogue. As the sense of denial finally crumbles and falls away to acceptance, The Rule is an ideal place to eat an ultimate burger and drink 3 pints in complete silence. Bon appétit! 


Article written by Bobby Innes