If you waited until the day before Halloween to pick a costume, don't worry, there's still time to assemble the perfect look. These ideas are simple, inexpensive and are quick to DIY.

Be sure to look spook-tacular this year with the Salvator’s top Hallowe’en tips.


1. Sexy Dervish Kebab


Sexy devil? Sexy pirate? Sexy Harambe?

Snore. For everyone looking for Hallowe'en costumes but can only find such unimaginative outfits online, fear not. The Salvator has the answer.

Stand out of the crowd this year by donning your best 'Sexy Dervish Kebab' costume! Nothing screams allure more than a sweaty kebab after a night out, right? This costume will ensure all eyes are on you when you enter the room.

If you're looking for an alternative cute couple's costume this Hallowe'en, this costume can be easily transformed if you get your significant other to dress up as cheesy chips.


2. Crippling Student Debt


Ready or not, here come Student Finance debt collectors armed with batons and handcuffs to whisk you away. We're just saying, if this were the Middle Ages, you probably would have had your hands or ears cut off by some omnipotent feudal lord by now. 

This is an easy costume to perfect. Just paste all your previous student finance letters and bank statements to your body to remind the world just how horrifically broke you are. 

Truly terrifying.


3. Fourth Year in the Middle of their Dissertation


Just kidding. This is not you.

This is you.


Except you look worse. 

Save precious time for working on your thesis and don’t bother getting dressed up. After spending all day in the godforsaken hell-hole that is the main library, you’re basically a corpse anyway.

Look at yourself hard in the mirror. You’ve not eaten, slept properly or washed for days. You're a beautiful disaster. 

Own it this Hallowe’en, you undead master of academia, you. 



A 'get-out-of-jail-free' card here to just not turn up, because let’s be honest, who can be arsed. Who even has time to go out anymore?! The weekends are for sleeping, and that’s fine with you.

*Costume Alternative*

Tell your friends you'll be coming as the most realistic invisible man or woman. 

You got it. Just stay at home with a cup of tea and Netflix. 


5. Your future prospects after graduation


In reality, after all the blood, gore and guts are swept away, is there anything truly more mind-numbingly terrifying than this?

Didn't think so.