A prospective student, visiting St Andrews for the first time yesterday, has reportedly been fooled by the random spell of sunshine we’re currently experiencing. Thomas “Tommy” Langley, 18, was overheard saying to his mother, Angela Langley: “I hope it’s always like this, Mum! Definitely one of the main incentives for coming here.” While the local students’ pasty complexions could have been a giveaway, the eager applicant insisted that this “was only a happy coincidence. And Goodness me,” the enthused young man continued, “sunset is at 6:30!”

Tommy is said to also have been swayed in his decision to study here by spotting “a pretty fit girl clearly coming back from a one-night stand”, as he told later the Salvator. However sources report that the “pretty fit girl” was in fact a 4th year student coming home from an all-nighter at the 24-hour library in a desperate bid to finish her dissertation. Oh, Tommy.

Update – August 2016
Tommy has been fooled again: having accepted his offer of accommodation at St Salvator’s, Mr. Langley has recently found out he will in fact be staying in Gannochy. Can’t wait to see you in September, Tommy!