Submitting to Salvator

Salvator is open to submissions throughout the year; just send your articles to the address shown below. Our editing team will get around to reading them as soon as possible, and will be in touch if your article seems like a good fit for our site. From there, we’ll work with you to get your submission online.


We are also looking to develop a team of writers to meet regularly and develop articles, regular features, videos, and more. If you would like to become involved with this, please contact the editing team via the address above for the time and location of upcoming meetings, or join our Facebook group.

General Advice

A couple of simple changes before submission will save us a lot of editing time. In your article:

  • Try to put your punchlines at the end of sentences, rather than the middle

  • Cut out any unnecessary words which get in the way of the jokes – a short, punchy article is much better than a longer, loose one

  • Avoid repetition – using the same words over and over tends to dull the article

  • Remove and change any real names

  • Think carefully about your headline – it should be short enough for social media links, get across the idea in an appealing way, and stand alone as a funny concept


I want to be involved but I haven’t written anything yet – can I still contribute?

Absolutely! Salvator is looking to create a team of writers to develop articles, videos, and other projects in our regular meetings. Anyone is welcome to contribute – just join our Facebook group or get in contact via email or social media.

I have an idea but I don’t know where to go with it – what can I do?

Feel free to contact us with more general ideas for features or headlines – we’d be happy to work with you to develop them into published pieces!

Does the article have to be about St. Andrews?

Not necessarily, though links to St. Andrews are encouraged as these articles typically do better on our social media pages. Overall though, we consider anything that is funny and would appeal to St. Andrews students. 

Will the article be published with my name on it?

We usually give author credits on all articles. However, you may not want your name on it. If you’d like, we can publish the article anonymously or under a fake name.