Principal Louise Richardson has praised student activists for their work promoting recyclable toilet paper. Speaking at the University’s ‘Greener Future’ day, she claimed to be “thrilled that those at this university are holding themselves as responsible, mature, environmentally-conscious citizens”.

Founded in 1997, the environmental movement sees its members handing out free toilet paper to passers-by once a month at various spots around town including in front of the Union.

Leader of the activist group, Rachael Miller, was keen to stress the social utility of the environmental campaign. “By itself, this paper is essentially pointless” she told Salvator , “but by turning it into a recyclable sanitary solution, it allows us to give purpose to this otherwise useless rag”

Some students, however, were shocked to discover that their paper was already full of shit.

“I understand that this is done with good intentions” said Third Year Tristian Froll “but I can’t believe how much excrement was already in the paper when I received it”.