It will come as no surprise to many of you that, given the recent inclement and windy weather, conditions in town have been particularly treacherous. But the Salvator can exclusively report that despite this being a minefield of potential disaster, no tragedy has occurred.

Reports confirm that local elderly resident, Margery McDowell, successfully crossed the roundabout on the corner of Double Dykes Road and the Market Street with absolutely no incident on Monday. Earlier reports had suggested that this was a ‘rather tricky’ crossing, but thankfully, there was no evidence of this so-called ‘trickiness’ as Mrs. McDowell made progress on her journey home.

Salvator met with Mrs McDowell after this event: ‘I was a bit worried with the bikes rushing through and all the cars that don’t put their indicators on, but in the end it went very well. I got all my shopping home from Tesco intact.’

Salvator can exclusively announce that the long-term St Andrews resident had been shopping for some sugar, seeded raspberry jam, and a 1kg bag of plain flour to make a Victoria sponge for her grand-children who are visiting from Anstruther at the weekend.