Stagecoach Driver “Totally Chill With a £20”

Returning St. Andrews students are rejoicing after discovering there’s a bus driver who doesn’t give you shit for not having exact change.


The news came last Saturday when second-year Hannah, travelling back from Edinburgh, realised she accidentally spent all her change on Burger King again. “I only had notes,” she recalls, “and braced myself against the railing for the wave of tuts and sighing that was to come. But it never did; he just took it and gave me my ticket, without a word. I was so stunned an old lady had to tell me to sit down.”

This news has come as a relief to commuting students, many of whom had taken to wearing change belts (much like those carried by the drivers) to avoid a public moaning-at. Some more mature students have even oriented their routine around their new favourite driver’s working hours. “It means in the office from 7-11pm now and haven’t seen sunlight in days, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid the irrational ire of a worthless middle-aged man.”

Salvator has reached out to Stagecoach for comment. The company has yet to reply, but it seems to us that public transport in St. Andrews can only be getting better!

Since going to press, Stagecoach has announced that being chill with notes is not part of their policy and staff will be retrained immediately. Our bad…