Sir Mix-a-Lot to Lose OBE


The Queen’s office earlier today announced that Anthony Ray, known by his alias Sir Mix-a-Lot, would be stripped of his Knighthood and would no longer be allowed to carry the title ‘Sir’. The Office cited his “holistically inappropriate behavior and language,” in his music and personal life, mostly relating to his 1999 hit, “Baby got Back.” When asked why the decision had taken so long to make, the office confessed that the queen had only heard the song during an audience with Prince William, who used the song as his ringtone.

The decision has thrown into question the future careers of many other knighted musicians, such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, and Sir Knowles. “It’s outrageous,” said McCartney, “That an artist of his caliber should be censored as such. Anthony is a treasure of the industry, and has changed the sound of modern music.” Elton John declined a formal interview with The Salvator, but said in a press release that “The lack of inclusion of this titan of an industry degrades the value of a knighthood. I cannot imagine a world in which I call myself Sir, and Sir Mix-a-lot does not.” Jay-Z’s son was contacted, but could not comment.

The office had no comment about Mix-a-Lot’s remaining discography, Chief Boot Knocker, Return of the Bumpasaurus, and Daddy’s Home.