Satire Article Doesn't Live Up To Headline


College Student Daniel Greggson experienced a minor anticlimax this morning upon discovering that a satirical piece he had found was not as funny as the premise offered by the headline suggested. Greggson had been in David Russell Apartments' PC café procrastinating an essay when he came across the article posted on Facebook by a comedy newspaper who, for the purposes of this report, will remain unidentified.

"Aw man, it was good," Greggson had to say. "It was a real sharp, witty headline, very good for a student newspaper. I think I might have audibly exhaled." Unfortunately, according to Greggson, upon opening the link, he was dismayed to discover that the article itself was overlong, meandering, and full of cheap shots at low-hanging fruit.

"What a letdown," Greggson told us, an opinion echoed by his peers. An extensive investigation into the poor quality of the article is underway. Salvator will be speaking to the committee which has been set up by the University to tackle underwhelming comedy over the coming months, after they have finished their analysis of the most recent St Andrews Revue show.

Article by Victor Bulbavicius