Hey Sally Mapstone, Check THIS Out!


Boom, gotcha! Yeah that’s right, you’ve been MOUSTACHED. By whom you ask? Well let’s just say that this comes courtesy of Salvator News.  And now you’ll think twice before you try to mess with us. And even if you do, what would you do? You’re all the way over there, and we’re way over here. I bet you’re super mad right now. Seething even. But us? We’re laughing. Cause you know what? It’s funny. It’s real funny. This is what the experts call comedy, and boy are they right. Not so tough now are ya? No siree, that’s for sure. You know why? Because you have a MOUSTACHE on your face, that’s why! Ever heard of the expression “you’ve got egg all over your face?” Well it looks like that’s the case here, except try replacing “egg” with “moustache,” because that’s what’s all over your face in this picture. 

Let’s just safely say that this one’s been won. By us.

Salvator News: 1, Sally Mapstone: 0.