Chris McRae suffered a “mid-job crisis” before the performance of grime artist Wiley on the last night of Refresher’s week. Wiley, for various personal reasons, attempted to leave St Andrews shortly before his scheduled performance. In response to this, our DoEs decided to chase him down in a taxi, before losing sight of the car in which Wiley was travelling. Fortunately, he was able to contact Wiley and bring him back to St Andrews for a performance which – while still broadly considered sub-par by those who were present – did go ahead.

In an exclusive interview with Chris McRae about what occurred during this car chase (nominated for Best Car Chase [East Neuk Division] 2016) he told the Salvator: “I just got this massive rush. It’s the first time I felt the total excitement of actually doing some fucking work. I know the Union has been bogged down in things like rooms being double booked, and no one really enjoying any of the events I’ve organised, but this felt like a big achievement for me. This time, I had the pleasure of watching the student electorate get to hate an event because I’d actually done something rather than in spite of it.”

He continued: “I’m glad Wiley wasn’t scheduled to perform during regular working hours because then I wouldn’t have even been around to do any of this. And I’m so thankful I have lots of good friends at The Saint, because otherwise, no one would have known about the one thing I’ve done that might actually merit my salary. I can’t believe that no one told me doing a job properly could actually be fulfilling! Maybe, instead of organising ill-conceived events due to my complete lack of experience, I’ll actually start giving a shit now… ”

After this clearly distressing interview, Mr. McRae was seen leaving the Union and going home for a nap, apparently to recover from his crisis-like brush with professional standards. When he returned to the Union an anonymous source heard him say to his colleague Kyle Blain “Wait, there’s a ball in Graduation Week?”

More to follow.