Man Who Read ‘The Disaster Artist’ Completely Ruining This Screening of The Room 

Chaos ensued at a recent audience participation screening of The Room hosted by the university Building Society. 


Tim Carter, 20, had clearly just read Greg Sestero’s tell-all autobiography about the making of the cult classic and took the opportunity to completely ruin the vibe of the screening by loudly sharing ‘fun facts’ with audience members around him. The other attendees of the screening, however, were less than impressed and apparently “just wanted to have a laugh and watch the film”.

The screening was already off to a rocky start as the Building Society itself had not realised that The Room was not an architectural documentary about the billiards room of Marie Antoinette, and were completely overwhelmed by the high audience turnout, as well as by the fact that so many of them were carrying American footballs. 

Carter’s commentary reportedly began during the opening credits when he loudly pointed out to the complete strangers in the row in front of him that Chloe Lietzke, producer of The Room, had not been involved at any stage of the production and was actually Tommy Wiseau’s accent coach. According to Jerry Watson, an attendee sat in front of Carter, “It got annoying pretty quickly.” Watson continued, “This guy seemed incapable of understanding that none of us really cared how long it took to film the ‘I did not hit her’ scene. He actually got up from his seat, paused the movie, and tried to give us a blow-by-blow rundown. Like, we were just there to throw spoons.”

Many audience members were visibly disgruntled by this, but when Carter returned to his seat after he was hit in the head by a well-aimed bouquet of roses, the film recommenced. It wasn’t until the party scene, when an apparently unabashed Carter loudly held forth for a full twenty minutes to explain the drawn-out reason that a new character was introduced with no context, that tensions in the audience finally came to a head. In an act eerily reminiscent of a scene from The Room, Barry Grace, President of the Building Society, started shoving Carter and telling him to “Shut up and watch the film”. Carter, initially not understanding that Grace was serious, responded by doing his best Tommy Wiseau impression, saying “Don’t touch me motherfucker!”. Unfortunately, due to Carter’s interference , Barry didn’t get that this was a reference to a scene earlier in the movie and punched him in the face.

The rest of The Room was watched in tense silence. Other audience members have informed Salvator that, while they didn’t support Grace’s violent actions, it definitely made the film easier to watch.

Written by Tom Caruth and Salvator