As I walked into the Barron, the true haven of student theatre, my heart pounded in anticipation for the experience I was soon to have. I was surprised by the simplistic design of the set before me as there was literally nothing onstage. Upon closer inspection I realized the genius of the set lay in a seemingly discarded Cadbury wrapper in the back right-hand corner of the room. The lights went out, leaving the entire room in complete darkness. What a daring choice! The silence grew quieter upon the entrance of the first acter, who upon his dramatic entrance, proceeded directly into the techbox, using a flashlight to guide his way! I found myself overwhelmed with emotion as he exited, locking the door behind him.

After sitting there in the dark for about half an hour, I realized that I was in fact in the wrong venue, and was now locked inside the building. Overall the experience was to be complimented for its bold atmosphere, and Charlie Maguyre (Night Porter) was a man who really knew how to do his job! Ultimately however, the security of the building hindered my ability to make my way to the correct location, though this in no way took away from the enjoyability of event as a hole! Eventually, I was able to use a cinderblock to break my way through the front door, and made my way to the Byre, a true haven of student theatre.

As I walked to The Byre Theatre, I reflected on how much theatre meant to St. Andrews. The Byre was locked and dark and, unable to force entry, I came to the realization that the show must actually be on in St.Age, the Union’s true haven for student theatre. By the time I made it to the performance venue formerly known as Venue 1, they were no longer accepting tickets. I waited for awile for my press pass to be acknowledged, but when I could wait no more for my evening of the arts to finally begin, I burst into the auditorium to magnificent applause, as the cast were taking their bows. I, of course, clappeded alongside the audience as the show had gone admirably well, evident of course by the applause the acturs were receiving. Audiences don’t just give out applause to everyone!

Unfortunately, the show did not provide a program, so I don’t know the name of the production I was supposed to be seeing or the cast and crew involved, but the effort made for the production was infinitely better than any I had seen before! The choice to provide props and for the actors to be in costumes was so unique, I only wish it had come to St. Andrews sooner! And the set was so complex and perfect for the stage, there were even chairs for the acters to sit on while the acted so splendidly! Phenomenal! I will be on my seat in anticipation for whatever show St. Andrews brings to the stage next!