In a dramatic sequence of events, St Andrews Proctor Lorna Milne has publically apologised for email-subject-line-gate, the biggest controversy to hit St Andrews since a second year claimed that North Point pancakes were only “okay”.

Around approximately 1 pm, students were violently interrupted from their Tesco’s meal deal sandwiches by an email from the Vice-Principal entitled ‘Plagiarism Detection’. Although the message was a simple notification regarding a change in the plagiarism detection services used by the university, it resulted in waves of uncontrollable panic and furore. Early reports suggest the incident activated latent cardio-vascular triggers amongst many students, who have used social media to reach out for emergency medical help to deal with serious cases of cardiac arrest.

This is not the first time Professor Milne has elicited controversy with her communications. She was roundly lambasted for criminally overusing the word “proud” in her 2015 graduation address, and has also been criticised for delays in her yearly messages with key term dates – which last year were sent only a mere 9 months in advance.

After today’s incident, Professor Milne held a high profile press conference where she apologised for her mistakes. “I am deeply sorry in anyone has been hurt or offended in any way by this mistake”. Professor Milne challenged accusations that this is representative of her distinct disregard for students: “In order to avoid such missteps in the future, I will be undergoing a rigid program of bespoke training designed by staff at CAPOD. This program is intended to encourage reflection and correction regarding proper email subject lines”.

Before leaving the stage she seemingly muttered the words “bloody students”.