The Autumn Collection: Pajamas are the new Jeans!


CHIC! With the run up to the new semester, fashion savvy students everywhere are filling their wardrobes with the latest style. With the high street retailers are pushing forward their new fall collections, what is the defining feature of the new designs? The word floating around the inner circle of style this season is “resignation,” and the students are flocking to flaunt this.


The big hitter is a fresh take on the classic PJ set, combining that defeated look with ultimate comfort. The thin cotton trousers and the loose fitting t-shirt, in all the glory of the autumn colours, reflect the ideal of waking up 5 minutes before your lecture starts. And with storage galore with additional pockets, there’s no need for a rucksack to give even a glimmer of preparation for the day.

Anita, a second year biologist, fully endorsed the new look, having sold all of her other day clothes for strawberry daiquiris.

“It’s fantastic!” She told our reporter, “I can just roll out of bed in the morning, grab my phone and go. I don’t even have to fix my hair, the bed head goes with the outfit! It’s such a relief for someone with an early start like me.”

One of her housemates mentioned that Anita’s earliest lecture is 11am.

The stand out competition is already in full swing in student digs, with the best of the best racking their brains to bring their own touch:

Want to give off the best impression to your lecturers and tutors whilst giving in to  your lazy inner self? Then how about you go for the classic Oxbridge “I tried my best” look. Bring out the cotton pajama top by stuffing the pockets with random assortments of biros and pencils, matching it with an A4 notepad to carry under your arm. To finish it all of, a coffee cup gives a look of “I promise I’ll be productive, whenever the caffeine kicks in.”

On the flip side, go full on party student with a line of ‘Midweek Madness’ accessories. Combine a water bottle with a packet of headache tablets to let everybody know how wild your night was. For the cosmetic touch, put those bags back under your eyes with a contouring set, or if you actually don’t have the time then sunglasses also work. To top it off, delight all the senses with the new hit fragrance: “Chunder and Regrets.”


Article written by Josh Stevens