Students at the prestigious University of St Andrews have come together to express their disappointment over the lack of Italian restaurants in St Andrews.

St Andrews, despite its small size, has a variety of eateries, but some young residents believe there aren’t enough Mediterranean options. ‘Sure, we have a couple of Turkish take-outs, two chippies, and a host of Indians, but at the end of the day sometimes you just want a pretty average pizza or an over-priced ice-cream, you know?’, says Oliver Tweed, a third year student studying History. ‘I can’t survive on Tesco’s frozen pizzas forever. This is a disaster.’

Some students have decided to take the matter into their own hands and form a coalition in order to protest for more restaurant options. “We’re called the WWMIC”, Tweed explains, “The We Want More Italians Coalition. And no, we’re not taking the 'MIC'". 

At this point Mr. Tweed winked at our reporter, who no longer felt comfortable conducting this interview.