BREAKING NEWS: It has just been announced that former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will become acting Chief Editor of St Andrews student newspaper, The Saint. His appointment has shocked media pundits, politicians and the St Andrews student body alike.

Mr Osborne has described his new job as a "great honour" and says he looks forward to taking up his post after Spring break. His appointment however has garnered much criticism for several reasons. Firstly, that Mr Osborne will continue to work as an MP for Tatton, Cheshire, and secondly, that he boasts little significant journalistic experience, apart from writing a couple clickbait articles for the Tab during his student days at Oxford. His most notable article is a piece on Oxford's Top 100 Power List from 1992, in which he placed himself and all of his fellow Bullingdon young conservatives in the top 20.

Whilst Mr Osborne will receive no salary for this position, he receives an annual MP's salary of £74,962 which should be just enough to rent a small one roomed bedsit in the Badlands when he is required to stay in St Andrews. 

The Salvator extends its warmest congratulations to Mr Osborne and the rest of the Saint team. Best of luck.