The team from hit TV series "MythBusters" reportedly gathered at David Russell Apartments (DRA) last weekend. An insider source has told The Salvator they were in search of the mysterious DRA weekend breakfast. The team were apparently responding to reports that no first year had seen or heard anything of this elusive meal since May 2015. 

The MythBusters interviewed several DRA residents and a Scottish student from Aberdeen said: “Ah didnae e’en ken ‘air wiz brekkie oan the weekenz, ah jist thocht we goat wur denner an were left hank marvin” – which another bilingual student translated for The Salvator: “I didn't even know there was breakfast on the weekends, I thought it was just lunch and then we were left to starve”.

No corroboration for the existence of the breakfast was found until interviewing Jeff ‘Wizard-Destroyer’ Jones, a computer scientist. The Wizard-Destroyer maintained that this mystical ritual "happens every weekend!” He said: “After I stay in my room all night playing League of Legends I go to bed at 11pm as part of my strict schedule. I wake up at a 7:30 am sharp and head to breakfast".

The Salvator secured an interview with MythBuster Jamie ‘Walrus’ Hymem Hyneman in the Costa at Edinburgh airport. He suggested that the Discovery Channel show will brand the DRA breakfast as “PLAUSIBLE” and told us: “It appears there may be some evidence for the existence of the DRA weekend breakfast. But if it does exist, and only if, it is only for people who, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, are ‘super uncool doodyheads’”.