Amid much excitement, Marvel today announced that they would be rebooting Louise Richardson. 

In a statement released alongside the announcement, Marvel executives expressed their excitement: “Over the last seven years, audiences around the world have come to know and love Louise” it read, “but as with all good things, it’s time for a change.”

“She’ll be returning to St Andrews in 2016 as you’ve never seen her before. You might not even recognise her at first, but she’ll be there. She’ll never leave! ”

Soon after the announcement, however, many took to the internet to express their frustration. “When r Marvel going to stop churning out the SAME characters from the SAME franchises?” asked Reddit user *turndown3232 , whilst on twitter the hashtag ‘#pleasenotagain’ briefly trended. 

Despite this, Hollywood insiders remained unsurprised, with a source close to Marvel execs stating “Louise Richardson’s made millions internationally. There’s no way they would drop her”.