Scientists have announced a new record for the longest silence in human history. The feat of human endurance was documented on the third floor of Castle House, The Scores, during a 2nd year tutorial. Lasting approximately 25 minutes, the silence was brought about by the question “so what did everyone think of this week’s reading?”

A full medical report has yet to be published, but there are claims that the extended pause led to spontaneous nosebleeds and chronic migraines for all present. 

“It was the perfect conditions for such a long silence” said Dr Roman Sandowsky, who was leading the study. "Generally somebody will clear their throat or fidget in some way, but there was such a sense of abject terror in the room that no student felt able to make such a move. I haven't experienced a silence like this since my wife left."

While this is the longest reported fear driven quiet time, there have been claims that a silence lasting upwards of two hours happened in 1892 when Principal James Donaldson proposed that woman be accepted to the University. This, however, has never been confirmed.