Lizard Lounge Closed For Business

Many of the Reptile community have been left shocked by the announcement

Many of the Reptile community have been left shocked by the announcement


Earlier this week it was announced St Andrews’ infamous Lizard Lounge bar and discotheque would be closing. The announcement was met with worldwide outrage and is being described as a “huge loss” for the reptilian community. Within just half an hour after the statement being released #NousSommestheLizardLounge was trending on Twitter across the UK and parts of Europe.

The news comes in just over a month after one of London’s best known nightclubs Fabric was shut down by the authorities due to a spate of drug related deaths at the club, affecting the nightlife of many avid upholsterers and cross-stitchers in the Islington Borough of the city.

The Salvator have reached out to those most affected amongst the reptilian community to see how they believe this shocking news will impact their lives.

Former Reptilian actor Snakey McSnakeface, whose credits include a leading role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA nomination for his performance alongside Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane, expressed extreme disappointment about the decision to shut down the club.

“The Lizard Lounge is an institution. For 15 years I have been privileged enough to be part of greatest underground reptile themed club in the East Fife area. I am lost for words right now, my thoughts go out to Ian the DJ and his family at this difficult moment”

Both Taylor Swift and Paul Hollywood’s representatives have been contacted for comment, however have yet to respond.