Is This St. Andrews Coffee Shop Planning A Relaunch?!

We all love a good cup of coffee here in St. Andrews, USA. If I ever feel like just drinking a whole bunch of money, I’ll go out to one of my favourite-by-default cafes and sink £15 on pantry staples. But there’s been a hole in my life ever since they closed my (and your) most beloved coffee shop. A hole that no amount of flat whites and halloumi sandwiches will ever fill... 


Well, it looks like our misery might finally be over! According to leaked documents (i.e. scribbling on a receipt I found in Aikman’s toilet) the company behind Beanscene (aka Beanroom (aka Beanhyve)) is planning yet another relaunch. But who needs a new look, location, atmosphere, or general approach to making money? This time, they’re coming back with exactly what was always missing – a catchy new name! 

Bean through some changes... 

Bean through some changes... 

Below are just a few of their suggestions. If you have a favourite, make your voice heard: say it out loud as you read it.

  • The Bean Bag
  • Bean Town
  • Get Some Beans
  • Cappachbeano
  • Beantrain
  • The Bean Shop
  • Bean O’Clock
  • Monty Python’s The Beaning of Life
  • Smile Like You Bean It
  • Bean Dungeon
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean MaScene
  • What About Beans?
  • It’s Beans!
  • Bean Dazed And Confused So Long It’s Not True
  • Bean
  • Beanage Kicks 
  • BeansTalk 
  • Beansleeves
  • I’ve Bean Shot
  • Bien
  • The Bean Show Starring Beans
  • Bean-up On Aisle 10 
  • Fucking BEANS
  • Bean Around The World and I-I-I-I Can’t Find My Baby
  • We Got The Beans (Come And Get Them)
  • We’ll Always Be Together However Far It Seems (Love Never Ends) We’ll Always Be Together, Together In Electric Beans

Too many great choices, right? But whatever name they settle on, one things for sure; we'll bean glad to have them back!* 

* I ate a coffee bean and winked as I said that, in case you didn't see it... 

Article written by Bobby Innes