The Salvator is receiving reports that a number of the current Sabbatical candidates have been visited by the ghost of Pat Mathewson, of elections past, present and future. Best known by students for his winning smile and commitment to never leaving St Andrews, sightings of his ghost have spooked some of this year's candidates. His ghost has been sighted loitering in the renovated Union bar, taunting folk on the Night Bus and wreaking havoc outside the library, in a bid to warn potential candidates that being a SABB is not all it seems. 

One of this year's presidential candidates, who will remain unnamed, believes he is responsible for awakening his spirit. He said:

"I was just looking for some advice on how Pat managed it, especially for two terms! So I googled how to perform a spell that would awaken his presidential spirit and look what happened - oops!"

The candidate is believed to have performed a traditional spell, in which you sit in front of a mirror in a dark room, lit only by the light of a single candle. It is said if you peel an apple in front of the mirror on a night when the moon is full, a vision or apparition of your one true sabbatical president will appear behind you at the stroke of midnight. 

It is rumoured Mathewson's ghost will wander St Andrews' streets until his unfinished business is dealt with - in his case, the ongoing St Andrews housing crisis which he pledged to solve completely during his two terms serving as President. One witness claimed the ghost wailed "CURSE YOU SHITTY PRIVATE LANDLORDS AND HMO BANS I WILL SEEK VENGEANCE BEFORE I REST," before vanishing into the dark night in a puff of smoke. Alas, whilst it appears the housing crisis is far from solved, Mathewson's ghost is doomed to wander in purgatory indefinitely. 

More follows.