It Can Happen To You: Fresher Meets Soulmate Through St. Andrews Crushes

In the fast-paced world of university life, it sometimes seems impossible to make a friend, let alone get a date. Luckily, St. Andrew’s is home to one of the most underrated dating platforms there is: St. Andrews Crushes on Facebook. 


Contrary to popular belief, this submission site isn’t just for requesting new Bops that the Union will ignore: it’s also a place where anyone can find love. 1st year Geography student Britney Simmons actually met her boyfriend, Brock Jacobs, through the page.

“As soon as I saw his post, I knew he couldn’t be talking about anyone else but me,” Britney said, referring to a post that definitely included her first initial, as well as a vague reference to somewhere she believes she might have been at the time she guesses the post was submitted. A few days after repeatedly demanding that her roommate tag Britney in the comments, she got a friend request on Facebook that changed her life.

Having agreed to meet outside the Union and go to the Bop together, Britney recalls that the time in the queue waiting to get into the Union was magical, giving the new couple a whole two hours to get to know each other before going inside. Brock learned that Britney was taking Social Anthropology and Management along with Geography, and Britney learned that Brock’s major was International Relations and that his dad makes all his decisions for him. After making it into 601, an iconic 45 minutes spent dancing near each other concluded with their first romantic dinner date.

“Dervish has never felt more real than when I was with him,” Britney explained, “It was like I had been asleep, you know? Like every time I had gone to Dervish before then was just leading up to this time. Even the chips and cheese tasted different. So I vowed I would never eat them again unless he was right by my side!” The night ended with the lovers’ romantic first kiss surrounded by the drunken patrons of Dervish, who, according to Britney, cheered for them. 

The following night, the pair ran into each other again at Main Bar, after Britney spent the first two hours of the night repeatedly checking every possible location he could be after he said that he might ‘see her out’. The couple couldn’t resist returning to ‘their place’ for chips and cheese, and even after only two visits Britney insists that the apathetic man behind the counter recognized them from the night before. Speaking to Salvator, the employee in question stated “I don’t know. I just remembered him because he wore the same Superdry t-shirt two nights in a row. NUMBER 43!”

That was also the night Britney popped the question and asked Brock to be her boyfriend. Brock was, according to Britney, hesitant to start a relationship, since his last girlfriend was apparently a ‘crazy bitch’ who ‘really messed him up’ and gave him ‘commitment issues’. But after much persuasion, and seventeen text messages that night, Brock finally said yes!

Currently, the lovebirds have been happily dating for one month and thirteen days, although Salvator can exclusively report that Brock has recently been spotted eyeing up a girl opposite him in the library and drafting a Crushes submission on his phone.

Written by Sara Clark