Five Christmas Traditions That Make St. Andrews The Best University

Term time is almost over, but the Christmas fun never stops for us in St. Andrews. Here are five upcoming annual events that we think make our University the best and make yours look like shit. 


Christmas Jumper Knitting For Charity

It's almost time again to fill the union with yarn balls and needles (knitting needles, of course!). Every year keen knitters get together to make jumpers for those less fortunate than ourselves, which given the way things are here is pretty much everyone. With prizes for the longest scarf and most disgusting design (and all proceeds going to charity) it's one you don't want to miss. 

Hey UCL, when was the last time you did anything for others? 

Mulled Wine In The Cathedral

At the first sign of snow, we all drop our studies and head out for a festive get-together in the cathedral. There's mince pies, cheesy music, and your professors embarrassing themselves in a delightful and comical way. An all around perfect winter evening. 

Oh, your uni has a cathedral too, Durham? That's neat... 
But is it in ruins
We rest our case.

The Conservative Society's Annual 'Scrooge-Off'

Like the ultimate panto villain, we all love to hate them, but damn can they put on a show! Get ready for a Tiny-Tim-kicking, coal-withholding good time. With a vote on the most beautiful Scrooge, tax avoidance, and musical numbers where the Ghosts of Christmas are shamed on Twitter one by one, this is guaranteed to the variety show of the year. 

And before you ask:
Sorry Cambridge folks, this one's sold out, and just for us.

We All Drink The Sea Clean

The weekend before Christmas everyone goes down to the beach for a bonfire and late-night frosty dip. To round it all off, every student grabs a mug and we drink the ocean dry ready for a fresh start in the new year. After ensuring all waste is sorted into its proper recycling bin, we finally top it all back up with table salt and a hose. 

Hey Oxford, go fuck yourself. 

The Moon Assumes a Mortal Form 

When everyone is heading home for the holidays, you might think the good times stop rolling. Not in St. Andrews. On the 21st December, the shortest night of the year, the moon takes on human form and holds a ceilidh in the graveyard. Every year he selects one student to dance, and at the end of the night takes them away to space to live forever as a star. 

Beat that, Harvard assholes. 


Article written by Bobby Innes