First-Time Self-Caterer Finds Calling in Food

"Yummy Meals for Flat" - This is the title of the first, and only, memo on second-year Susie Walters' phone this September.


No longer a first year (and thus rejected from returning to halls), Susie has found herself left in the lurch by the university. After only just surviving a frantic flat-search, she must now learn, in the midst of a very hectic, very bustling St Andrews, what it means to actually feed oneself.

With subcategories such as 'BEVERAGES', 'PESTO', and 'ABSOLUTELY NOT', it is clear that Susie is bright and talented both in the classroom and the kitchen. Between her willingness to take risks and her gusto for new flavours, she and her microwavable masterpieces are ready to take on self-catering’s woos and woes.

Speaking exclusively to The Salvator, Susie was pleased to share her Sobb Salad, her own interesting rendition of the common Cobb Salad. "With eggs, lettuce, and lots of mayo, you can make anything taste good. It's a Susie classic!"

Susie was even kind enough to share her top tip on the Sobb. "Make sure the eggs are hard-boiled just right: simply pop them on the stove in some water for a hot 30 secs. The runniness is the key to this super tasty, easy-peasy platter."

You can catch Susie at your next academic family potluck. The mushy mashed potatoes, blackened by a generous layer of pepper? Those are hers.  


Article written by Kenalyn Ang