Fife's Reaction to Snow ‘Dumb’ Claims 1920s Polar Explorer

Snow: Who cares?

Snow: Who cares?

In a new opinion piece published online, 1920s Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton has claimed Scotland’s reaction to current weather warnings is ‘perhaps a little dramatic’.  

‘Back home at the South Pole, we call this a ‘normal winter day’’, the adventurer claims in his article, ‘Oh You’re Cold? Hey, Who Gives A Fuck?’

‘Here in St. Andrews, though, where snow is uncommon, things have descended into chaos. I just don’t get it. It’s almost as if there is fundamental difference between myself, a Polar explorer, and the rest of the general population in our approach to adverse weather conditions. Probably ‘pep’, or whatever you called it back in my day.’

The 140-year-old also had interesting and correct opinions on Stagecoach’s decision to cancel the 99 bus service to Leuchars and Dundee. ‘I’ll never understand what the problem is about driving a bus through a snow drift of the equivalent height. In the highly-trained Royal Navy we would navigate ships, specifically designed to plough through ice, directly through ice, and we never thought twice about it. This country sucks.’

Most upsetting to Shackleton about the whole situation, however, seems to be the general lack of good-times. ‘I just wish that people in this town would approach a snow drift or treacherous icy crevasse in the same way that Edgar Evans did – as fun, something to be excited about. A little snow never hurt anyone. And as I watch people's Domino's coming slightly late the interests of general safety, I know all most Polar explorers want to do is show the delivery staff a single picture of Robert Scott's gangrene face.’