Thrill seeking second year Thomas Salad has reportedly chosen to miss two tutorials in search of an adrenaline high. Salad has chosen not to self-report these absences, upping the tension as if he misses a third tutorial, he will be removed from the module. When probed as to why he has chosen to ‘edge’ (as he describes it) Salad responded with ‘waking up every week a minute before the tutorial starts and thinking “I’m about to miss it” is an adrenalin junkie’s heroine. It’s like staring death in the face’.

The Salvator went to speak to the tutorial leader, PhD Student Marshall Kale. Kale was taken back by the choice of his student to edge, referring to Salad as ‘a real idiot’. She continued: ‘Going bungee jumping, skydiving, or bull riding to get a rush- that I understand, but this is just too far’.

We here at the Salvator though wish Thomas Salad Godspeed, and hope that he gets the rush he is searching for.

Edit: (02/12/15) - Thomas Salad has reportedly slept through his third tutorial; he has since been removed from the module. In a Facebook press release, he called his leaving ‘a personal decision’. He was recently spotted looking for flats to rent, presumably exploring new avenues to find that ‘rush’ once again.