I Was There: The Massive St Andrews Strike Where Everybody Yelled At The Sky, I Think 

On Friday, September 20th, hundreds of university students gathered outside St Salvator’s Quad to protest humanity’s greatest threat: client change. I too was present at the strike, but if I’m being honest, I’m not really sure what everyone was yelling about. Let me just say this: boy was everyone mad at the sky. Or sun. Or something about a C3PO level.

Angry Sky.jpeg

The event was still really cool though. Hundreds of students seemed super motivated, and some local politicians were there too. At first I thought an outdoor EDM or electro house sesh was gonna happen, but then everyone started chanting about the weather, which I guess must be part of the new Steve Aoki song. Some of the lyrics included, “Whose planet? Our planet!,” and “What do we want? Action! When do we want it? Now!,”. So it sounds like the album’s gonna be about a huge sci-fi battle in space. Cool.

We marched across town and then finished at East Sands, where everyone stood in silence for five minutes to see how many fish we could count. Or at least that’s what I did, and in total I got 7, which is honestly a little less than I was hoping for—but hey—still not a bad way to spend my Friday afternoon.

I talked to some people at the event towards the end to see what everyone so mad about. One person told me our client is getting hotter. I told her I didn’t know I even had a client, but she made it sounds like we all have a responsibility to serve our client, and she sounded really impassioned, which I dug. Another student said that our home is rapidly getting destroyed while the older generation is turning a blind eye. I totally related to that, because it reminded me of the time my parents didn’t let me go to Bill Meyer’s Halloween Party during my last year of high school, which was a total bummer.

In any case, it sounds like it's up to us kids to take responsibility for what are parents aren’t willing to, and to that I have this to say to my fellow students: Keep putting up the good fight. Keeping yelling at the sky. And if our parents won’t take action, then it’s up to us to make the world a more chill place.

Written by Christoph Von Munchow-Pohl