As part of their ongoing commitment to raise money for charity, the Dont Walk committee have reportedly stolen several thousand pounds from a local children’s leukaemia foundation.

In a statement earlier today, the Executive Director of the show, Conor Fennessy, stressed that “at its core, Dont Walk has always been about charity. But in recent years we’ve felt that the student body have lost faith in the extent to which we give money to good causes. Our hope is that they money we’ve raised in the last 24 hours will go straight towards the event, and by extension, charity.”

Eye-witnesses reports tell of a near clinical operation, with the committee entering the foundation’s headquarters at 5PM wielding hammers, axes, and at least one shotgun. Once inside, they knocked out the receptionist, cracked open the foundation’s safe, and shovelled thousands of pounds into bags before leaving. In total, the financial redistribution took less than 5 minutes.

Six year old Tim Small, currently undergoing chemotherapy, told Salvator he was “really happy” to see the committee steal thousands of pounds from the leukaemia foundation. “It’s nice to know it’s going towards a good cause” he said in between tiny little phlegmy coughs.

The bold move comes amidst increasing pressure on events to disclose their charitable donations to the public.