Yes, you heard it here first. Dont Walk fashion show confirm they are completely endorsed by Coke.

In a series of photo-shoot Facebook updates featuring models lounging in front of a bar,  Don't Walk Charity Fashion show has begun to announce sponsors of the luxury event. These include the champagne maker, Lanson, and most interestingly; Coca-Cola.

Coke has been assumed to be part of Don't Walk's creative process for several years, and it is curious that they would confirm these rumours with an official sponsorship deal, proving that Don't Walk is entirely dependent on coke. Fortunately the organising committee will not be hoarding their stash. Every attendee will find a sample of the invigorating treat in their goodie bag, so this year guests may feel less tempted to bring their own supply.

Don't Walk will be held on the 25th February at Cambo Estate.