“Writing comedy is so hard in this PC world” say utter fucking hacks

Comedy is just too difficult to do without offending anyone nowadays, according to a new survey of 65-year-old unsuccessful stand-up comedians. The Comedy Over Censorship of Knowledge Society is made up of a number of comics who believe ‘political correctness’ has gone too far. Started in 2016 by Surrey stand-up comedian, Tony Pickles, the society now has a membership base of over 200 Surrey comics.


“They're taking my freedom of speech away” says Pickles. “In the 70s we were all making jokes about immigrants, women and taping films off the BBC on our VHS players. Now the politically correct Guildford Echo considers those same jokes ‘outdated’ and ‘unfunny’”. 

Pickles cites political correctness as a leading cause of his inability to get reviews. His act, which largely consists of a series of anecdotes about his own experience as a Physics teacher throughout the 70s and 80s, features observational humour about Muslims, peppered with occasional quickfire impressions of different races. According to Pickles’ own posters, the show has attracted substantial controversy. The most damning – indeed, the only – review that could be found of the show accused Pickles of “going to the same uninspired well of lazy stereotypes, making his comedy cheap, badly written and uncomfortable to watch”. Pickles himself, however, insists that there's nothing racist about it: “I'm an equal opportunity offender. I take the piss out of all races. Not the whites, obviously, but all the other ones.” 

Sarah Al-Jameel, a British Muslim comedian, has said that Pickles’ movement is “nothing short of a sad attempt to blame minority voices for the fact that they can’t write jokes”. Following persistent harassment from Pickles on Twitter accusing her of being ‘too much of a snowflake’ to see his show, she eventually watched a shaky Youtube video taken by one of Pickles’ friends, who throughout the video consistently inadvertently switched to front camera in attempts to focus. “Honestly”, she said, “I didn’t even realize his set was meant to be offensive. To be honest, he lost me when he started talking about The Generation Game.”

Pickles’ response was to say she was a “terrorist” who should “get back in the kitchen”.

It’s unclear as of yet which of Pickle’s team of septuagenarian writers wrote this response.