Another Nostalgia Trip? 601’s New Bop Will Let You Relive Your Childhood Memories Of WWII London 

In an effort to make their classic Friday night bops more inclusive, Club 601 today announced Blitz Bop, a bop directed at the university’s older students to give them the chance to reminisce about the times they spent as children cowering in total darkness during World War II, wondering if they’d live to see the sun rise.  


In association with the University of St. Andrews’ Old People Society, 601 hopes to draw in a demographic usually absent from their normal bops, such as ABBA BopYikes Bop, and the incredibly successful Boperation, a bop based around the popular battery-operated board game Operation. Despite widespread adoration among the university’s young students, such bops have received complaints from older students for being too exclusive.

Bernard Mints, a 74-year-old International Relations student, had this to say:

“I couldn’t relate any less to the current bops this university has to offer. Where are the bops for us older students? Can’t a 74-year-old man have fun anymore? I tried turning up to the Operation one, but there wasn’t even any music – just that loud, buzzing sound you get in the game when you accidentally touch the side with tweezers. Even more alienating was the fact that everyone else seemed to be loving it.”

When asked about his hopes for the future of 601’s bops, Mints said:

“I just want something that can make me feel the same kind of nostalgia that the younger students seem to feel on nights out when they hear Mr Brightside. I don’t remember much of my childhood, but I do remember the Blitz.”

601’s new bop seems to be in direct response to Bernard’s comments, as well as complaints following the recent Rewind Bop, limited exclusively to the 90s and 00s and widely slated for its flagrant exclusion of older students. Planned for next month, the event organisers aim to create an environment which faithfully yet jovially recreates the experience of being in an air raid shelter, complete with the sound of bombings and air raid sirens. They claim that this new, unique bop will appeal across all demographics of students; for the older students, it will create a chance for nostalgia, and for the younger students, an opportunity to learn about history in a more interactive way. 

In addition, thanks to sources within 601, Salvator can exclusively report that bar staff are in the process of concocting a limited edition, ‘Trench-Foot’ Pablo, though the jury’s still out on what they’re putting in it, and exactly why it glows in the dark.  

Written by Gabriel Robinson