Looking on the bright side: This student may have lost his limbs, but one day he’ll be able to do a great cosplay as the Black Knight from Holy Grail

black knight.PNG

“‘Tis but a scratch!”

That’s not what the paramedics said when they pulled Jim Tyler’s barely alive body from the smouldering car crash that killed his parents, as his wounds were actually quite severe. His right leg, having become trapped under the wreckage of his parent’s Renault Clio, had to be amputated at the scene. Later, due to an unfortunate admin error, surgeons then amputated his left leg. Following an extremely rare infection later that afternoon, they finally had to remove both of his arms.

Some might call this a terrible event that Jim will never recover from. After all Jim was a world class rugby player, and anyone who knows him would tell you his limbs were his best feature. At Salvator, however, we know he can’t be kept down forever, and one day he’ll definitely be able to do a pretty sick cosplay of the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail!

A fan favourite from one of the comedy troupe’s most celebrated films, the Black Knight is best known for staying optimistic and tenacious despite losing both arms and legs. Hopefully Jim will take inspiration from the Black Knight’s refusal to let his injuries get the best of him, and carry on as if they were “merely a flesh wound”.

Following the accident, other news sites have speculated that with his parents gone and no other family to speak of, 19-year-old Jim will be forced to go on benefits. Reports have also emerged that neither of his parents had life insurance, and with no assets and the inheritance of his father’s extensive gambling debt, Jim is also likely facing homelessness. Though some argue that the safety net for disabled people in Britain will be able to support this unfortunate young man, most conclude that the round the clock care he requires will be difficult to fulfill, and his financial future is looking increasingly bleak.

Such a dim view however ignores the fact that professional cosplay is an increasingly popular market, and that Jim could make a handsome living from his striking resemblance to the Holy Grail character - a unique opportunity many diehard Python fans would give an arm and a leg for! Though Salvator doesn’t know if Mr Tyler has seen the Holy Grail, or whether he’d like it if he hasn’t, one thing’s for certain: if he were ever to recover well enough to put together a costume, he would be the toast of ComicCon!

For now though, we wish him a safe recovery, and hope that the intense course of therapy (as well as the Flying Circus DVDs we sent over) are enough to pull him back from the brink.

“Cheer up, sire!”

Article written by Tom Caruth