While all of the other student newspapers focus on the Sabbatical races, we at the Salvator believe in the importance of all elected positions. In order to diversify our coverage we sent out questions to candidates for SRC Member without Portfolio so that you guys know who you want to vote for across the entire ballot paper. And what a Paige turner it's turning out to be:

Paloma Paige

What do you intend to achieve in this position?

What drew me to this position in particular was the opportunity to be involved in multiple and varying projects throughout the year.  I would come to this job with the intention of using this flexibility to achieve greater collaboration and smoother communication between members in terms of their projects.  I would like to see the relationships between members strengthened and the ease with which projects are executed improved.

Why should the students vote for you in this election?

I believe I am a qualified candidate based on the experience and skill set I have gained from being active in student societies over my two years here at St Andrews.  I have been involved with the Debates Society and Design Team.  I currently hold the positions of ballet instructor for the Dance Society, Marketing Officer for the UNA-St Andrews, and Ball Representative for University Hall.  I am also an enthusiastic student ambassador for the university.

How do you intend to more fully represent the student population?

Through communication and engagement, by both digital and personal means, I look forward to getting to know students and their interests and in this way represent them to my fullest ability within the remit of the position. 

Sum up your campaign in three words.

Communication, Collaboration, Commitment


Paige Onouye

Unfortunately, Paige as not yet responded to our email. If she does, we will publish her responses here.